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How much is a second-hand Toure 5.6 (Toure 5.6 used car)?

Hello, everyone! The car inspector met with you again. I am Hu Xin, the inspection technician of the car inspector. Because of my rough appearance, people gave me the nickname Hu Xingxing. Although our appearance is a little rough, our mind is delicate, and we are more nuanced about testing, so it is right to call me for testing. I am a used car inspection technician with 6 years' experience in repairing cars, and I am also an accident persuader.

The test story I shared today happened before the National Day. It took so long mainly because I couldn't spare time recently, and the big brother transferred Xiao Hu from the southwest of the motherland to North China. The Toure brought in this issue is the first car that Xiao Hu I tested in the local area, and it is also a car that I particularly like. Does it fit my temperament? Haha, but wallets are not allowed.

Like Lu Xun, this off-road vehicle Toure is the master of its own brand, which is equally famous for its excellent off-road capability. The figure of this vehicle often appears in the most chaotic regions and war-torn countries in the world, and the appearance rate of Toure with the UN logo on TV is outrageous. As such, it appears all over the world, which invisibly further enhances its reputation, so it also has a high recognition in the used car market.

The fan who commissioned this test came in a Range Rover. Seriously, the car drove out of the door, just two words! Domineering! After the fans got off the bus, they chatted casually with Xiao Hu, saying that it would be a long vacation soon. My friends were about to go to go on road trip in Tibet, but they were still not at ease to drive the Range Rover. So they took the time to buy a Toure for the team as a security car, and by the way, they took care of the Bentley, which they didn't usually drive. Boy, I was stunned by this, and the information was huge!

Stop, let's not talk about Versailles for fans. Xiao Hu, I'd better introduce the basic information of this big guy in front of us first. This is a middle-east version of Nissan Toure 4.0. The nameplate impressively says that it was made by Laotie of the United Arab Emirates, and the manufacturer's name is De Lademann Automobile Refitting Factory. There is nothing wrong with the proper parallel import. The factory date is March 2019, but it was licensed in August 2020. According to the feedback of the same owner, the port price in that year should be 50.

Although the car has only been on the road for a short time, there are some places where the paint is knocked off. After all, it is a second-hand car, and with such a big body, it is not easy for both male and female owners to control it, but it is the first time for me to see Xiao Hu, who is used as a security car like a fan. Before entering Tibet, I will probably hire an old driver and guide with a high salary. Paint falling caused by these small bumps is suggested to be treated as shown in the figure, and it is ok to repair it by painting yourself.

Because the car body is large, the paint range is large, and I don't have time to take pictures of Xiao Hu. I jumped up and down to point the car all over, and the sound of dripping was endless. After the fine paint surface was detected, all of them were original car paints, and the paint surface value was about 170um-180um. Moreover, there is no trace of screwing and disassembling the fixing screw of the exterior cover, which can rule out the suspicion of a major accident of the car.

Next, I opened the engine cover, and the V6 self-priming engine appeared in front of me. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, I believe most people prefer large-displacement self-priming, and everyone who has driven it says yes, because the power to step on it is endless, and there is a leisurely feeling. When the turbocharged car is pulled to a certain speed, the feeling of pushing back is a little abrupt, and the advantage is that it can make people passionate.

Back to the inspection, the fixing screws of the machine cover are not twisted and removed, and the fender is the same, in a proper original factory state.

The internal situation looks very dry. After all, the car that has only been licensed for one year has not found any traces of disassembly, which can only be done by the identity of a prospective new car.

The fixing screws of the headlight are tightly covered by the guard plate, but the glue between the lampshade and the back shell of the headlight is exposed a little, and the headlight has been decomposed. The reason for decomposition is generally the modification of headlights, and this is the same. It should be the change of LED headlights, which can be reconfirmed when the function and lighting are tested later.

The freezing point detector shows that the current freezing point of antifreeze is MINUS 40 degrees, and the battery detector shows that the current voltage of the battery is lower than 12 volts. It seems that the car has been parked for a long time, and it can be solved by charging with a charger. It is good for the brake oil pen to detect that the water content of brake oil is less than 1%, and it can be used continuously.

Opening the car door and coming to the interior of Tule really brought the style of Nissan sofa to the extreme. In fact, it is basically the top for ordinary people to buy it for home use. For example, if you give Xiao Hu a whole car, it will be scrapped in one sentence, haha.

The interior inspection direction column is clean without rust marks, the fixing screws are not twisted and removed, and the bottom of the cigarette lighter is also clean, and there is no trace of sediment inside, which can rule out the suspicion of blisters on the vehicle.

The factory date of the seat belt is March, 19, and the factory date of the car is also March, 19. Judging from the time, it is consistent, and the number is the same. There is no trace of disassembly and repair, so it can be sure that it is in the original factory state.

We communicated with the seller before the inspection, and it was necessary to put the chassis on the shelf for inspection, so the seller quickly took us to the repair shop not far away, which happened to have a ready-made position.

The tires were all made in January, 1919. They were all original tires, and the tire tread was quite good. It's just that the paint on the wheel hub was only slightly knocked off. It seems that the former owner didn't take it to Huohuo.

Japanese cars' engines are notoriously durable, and oil leakage is almost impossible to find. The clean oil pan of the engine is the best proof.

The fixing screws hung on the whole vehicle have no traces of screwing and disassembling, and are also clean and free from oil leakage.

Finally, link OBD to read the fault code. After a long wait, it was found that the fault code of the electronic control system was the fault of the sunshine load sensor. Because the light was dark at that time, considering that the dark environment might affect the sensor, it was re-tested when going out for the road test, and it was found that the electronic control system was normal, which was a false alarm.

Report the sorted car condition and the situation that needs to be prepared in the later period to Big Brother Fan. Big Brother thought that the car was right today and the car condition was good, so he went into the house to negotiate with the car dealer on the spot. I think the seller's offer of 470,000 yuan is still in line with the market. The final transaction depends on the art of bargaining by fans. Asked a friend who is familiar with parallel imported cars, he said that the price of new cars in Toure has fluctuated at present, and the time of picking up cars is uncertain, so used cars are a good choice.

Later, I communicated with the fans and learned that this Toure was really won. Bargaining was just a matter of meaning. The car dealer was short of ten thousand yuan, but his Bentley sold at a good price. If you look at it this way, it is quite satisfactory. In his words: In the future, there will be less cumbersome at home and a practical tool car, and the key is to preserve the value! I don't want to listen to Xiao Hu. I can arrange more for such a burden as Bentley in the future. I also want to fully understand the world of local tyrants, haha.

Ok, today's test sharing is over here, thank you for reading!

If you like it, praise it, if you don't like it, spray it. Xiao Hu, my writing is not very good. Please bear with me. If you have any questions about used cars or even new cars, you can ask me. I will try my best to help you answer them. See you next time!

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