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Second-hand BYD oligomycin sensitive comparison factor price picture (second-hand BYD oligomycin sensitive comparison factor quotation)

It's not rare to renovate a second-hand luxury car with a value of 1 million yuan, but the sensitive comparison factor of domestic BYD oligomycin with a residual value of 1,000 yuan must be very exciting! Today, the protagonist of our renovation: a BYD F0, which was produced in 2010, is currently more than 150,000 kilometers. It is a single-handedly owned car. The overall condition of the car is poor and the war damage is unbearable. It is completely scrapped. It took us half a year to resurrect it with blood, and the whole project is comparable to building a car. Here is the story of the renovation of this car:

In August, 2022, the owner contacted me for the first time and said that he wanted to renovate a BYD F0. Because he had seen us renovate a BYD F0 before, he was very relieved of our experience in renovating F0. However ... for this car, I always advise the owner first: spend tens of thousands of dollars on this car, but think clearly!

It turned out that the owner had already thought about it. This F0 is a Beijing-licensed back-door car, which means a car with a Beijing license. It has normal procedures, and it is a brand registered with someone else's Beijing household registration. It cannot be transferred, so it must be scrapped. Therefore, it is much more cost-effective to spend tens of thousands of dollars to clean up and open comfortably for a few years than to rent a Beijing brand.

The car arrived at the appointed time, and the first photo arrived at the factory. Needless to say, this state is absolutely tragic!

Then the next day, I went to the factory to drive out for a road test, and the result was that I was directly on the way.

When I was waiting for a traffic light, I couldn't turn off the fire directly. The battery was dead, so I stopped in the middle of the road. At that time, because the car was dead, I couldn't even turn on the double flash. I just stood behind the car and directed the traffic. The passing drivers rolled down their windows and looked at me and F0 curiously. I don't want to recall that picture any more. It was so embarrassing.

The factory rescue team rushed to the scene and we got the car back.

Communicate with the owner of the car, and the owner listed the known situation and renovation needs to me. The goal is to restore the state of the quasi-new car!

After understanding the condition of the car, directly open it and repair the engine first.

Directly unloaded the ingot beam, ready to lift the engine.

Disassembly and maintenance, this engine is just leaking oil and abnormal sound, which is still easy to solve. It's not a big problem to check the mechanical wear. If there is a big problem with this engine, there is basically no need to overhaul it. Just replace it directly, because it is much cheaper than overhauling it.

It's really hard for me to order accessories for this car. I searched all the national partners before I got all the original accessories we needed, such as chassis and engine.

This is the original accessories found in BYD F0 warehouse, with two characters on it: Clear the warehouse, except for the unsalable waste. It is estimated that the BYD factory is surprised that someone is still repairing this car?

Although it is BYD F0, I also want to help the owner pursue the driving quality. Forget the original shock absorber, let alone whether it is available. The main reason is that the original shock absorber is also made in low-end products, and there is no performance comfort, so we can effectively improve the driving stability of this BYD F0 by upgrading a set of imported Munro shock absorbers.

The rest are original parts, which can't be done without original parts, because there is no matching accessory parts. Things are rare, but the price is not cheap at all.

The engine and gearbox were replaced with some cushions and pipes to solve the problem of squeaking noise.

Disassembly, maintenance and deployment were done in a small scale, mechanical cleaning was done as a whole, and some accessory parts were changed, so the mechanical power maintenance was done.

Reinstall the machine, clean the inside of the engine, and add new oil again.

Manual shift F0, don't change the transmission oil wrong.

Avoid air resistance, siphon vacuum and fill coolant.

By the way, change the power steering oil.

I got a new battery, got into the car smoothly, and the squeaking noise disappeared perfectly after maintenance. This small machine is relatively simple, and some details and small operations have been taken over, so I won't explain them to you one by one.

When I came to the assembly and replacement of the chassis, the front bearing sounded abnormally and was replaced with a new one.

The shock absorber is being assembled ...

Brake pads are made of doctors, and we still have to believe in big names for safety.

The rear handbrake was replaced with handbrake pads, the drum brake was maintained, the tension spring was replaced, and the shaft head was derusted.

The braking system and shock absorption system are all installed.

The accessories of the chassis suspension system are also being installed and replaced. ...

Finally, use a special machine to change the brake fluid.

First, install the tires, and then go to the HUNTER locator to adjust the chassis data, which requires a road test.

The measurement value is locked and adjusted. ...

After the road test came back, I began to clean up the appearance. Because of all kinds of rust on the whole car, I had to disassemble it and check the situation carefully.

The rear position rusted and began to corrode.

On the left side, too, the paint is peeling and rusted.

The rust that can be seen everywhere, the scar that can be seen at any time, and the following will take you to slowly feel its tragic.

Take apart the rear side wall. Here's the thing. The car body has rusted through.

Internal underbody condition, serious corrosion!

Take a closer look. It's rotten.

Where the rust wears through, cut it off first.

The side skirts are all ruined, and the head is big ~

The right underbody is also rusted.

Originally, I wanted to try sheet metal welding repair, but it was impossible. The periphery of the rust was too thin.

Finally, there is no choice but to replace the rear side wall and the bottom side on both sides.

The exterior parts are basically empty, and the whole frame is re-aligned, fixed, polished and sheeted, and the whole car is ready to be repainted.

Disposed of some small rust on the chassis, and also made a rust-proof armor.

Spraying and baking are in progress. ...

The paint has been repainted, and the headlights have been refurbished, which has returned to a crystal clear state.

The paint is exquisite, but the appearance is still not harmonious. The first thing to deal with is this black wheel hub.

Then I asked someone to find a brand-new 14-inch original wheel hub from BYD Library.

The protective film of the wheel hub is still there!

Install the hub tire and do the dynamic balance data.

Before loading tires, strengthen the anti-corrosion treatment of the front and rear wheel linings again.

German Woolf chassis armor material, guaranteed not to rust through again.

Lined armor is well done, and new wheel tires are installed, and the appearance temperament is instantly improved.

The exterior is finished, so it's time to come to the interior.

The direct interior is completely dismantled. It has not been thoroughly cleaned in these years, and it is a bit dirty.

It's been thoroughly dismantled, isn't it? A thick layer of old ash.

It's really dirty ...

The removed big roof has too thick patina and needs to be washed many times.

There is no crack in the removed center console, but there are many scratches, which need to be repaired.

The interior of F0 is so much, and the plastic parts of the whole car have to be refurbished; The aging sealing strip of the window has also been removed, and this one needs to be replaced with a new one.

The car shell is cleaned, so it looks much more comfortable.

Clean the plastic parts of the whole car first. ...

After air drying, it is polished. ...

Then completely renovate and redo the interior plastic paint.

After the renovation of the center console, all the scratches on the surface have been removed.

Refurbished door interior part cover ...

The renovated armrest part of the central gear handle. ...

Some small pieces and big pieces of 7788 after renovation.

The seat is quite simple, just a layer of fabric cover, which has been removed and cleaned, and the sponge inside is still in good condition.

Finally, the sealing strip of the whole car arrived, and the interior can be reinstalled.

The process was skipped, and the interior was reinstalled.

The BYD F0 reconstruction plan is finally coming to an end. Let's take you to enjoy the effect of vehicle renovation!

We can't be careless about this small engine room, we must make it clean.

My evaluation of the interior of this car is: classic retro, simple and simple.

Brand-new, fresh and comfortable, belonging to F0's small delicacy.

The light source of the instrument panel has been repaired.

The door lock function has also been repaired.

The edge of the back seat has also been treated, and the interior is probably like this. After all, the space is small and you can read it at a glance.

I'm afraid everyone will forget what they looked like when they came. ...

Let's take you back with two pictures first, and then let's officially begin to appreciate the appearance blockbuster:

The state after renovation is not too much to say that it is a new car.

When I came, I had cataract eyes, but now I belong to clairvoyant eyes.

The appearance has been dealt with in many details: the wheel hub is renewed, the wiper is renewed, the rearview mirror shell is renovated, the rain shield is installed, and the taillights and fog lamps are treated.

The hub update is definitely a touch of sunshine.

How wonderful it is that we can make a 2010 BYD F0 drive on the road and become a landscape.

I licked the owner in advance ... the small broken car really glowed in the second spring.

The last road test, except for the sound insulation, the whole car was not badly hurt, and the last 120 at high speed really didn't feel floating. Maybe our chassis was adjusted too well, hahaha. ...

Before the delivery of the vehicle, the vehicle condition function is reviewed, and all videos are taken for the customer's review.

The owner came to pick up the car on April 1, and before I arrived at the factory, the owner himself was there to enjoy it: how new! After driving back to Beijing, he gave me feedback: the car is so easy to drive, the chassis is much more comfortable than before, the power is good, and there is no pressure to turn on the air conditioner.

Finally, we present F0 video eggs. By the way, to tell the truth, we really have no pressure to renovate BBA luxury cars, but it is really a sweat to renovate this domestic BYD F0, mainly because the foundation of the car itself is very poor. It is really difficult to make great improvements when renovating and servicing, especially in driving. It really takes double responsibility and professionalism to control all the details.

That's all for this issue. I'm a monster. See you next time ~

Construction: Monster Team

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