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Gas station oil delivery service (gas station oil delivery service telephone)

Source: [Three Gorges Evening News]

Three Gorges Evening News On a hot day when the outdoor temperature exceeds 35 degrees, the vehicle delivering medicine to the hospital broke down and could not move. After receiving the call for help, Wang Ling, an employee of Zigui Jusong Gas Station of Yichang Petroleum Branch of China Petrochemical Company, drove 5 kilometers away to deliver oil to the helper and help him fill the oil tank.

"Is this Sinopec gas station? My car is out of gas. Can you send me a pot of gasoline? " At about 11: 10 a.m. on June 30th, Wang Ling received a call for help from a customer, saying that he was a vehicle for delivering medicines to a hospital in the county. He just got off the expressway and ran out of gas, and broke down not far from the intersection of Zigui Expressway. He urgently needed gas station to provide oil delivery service.

Wang Ling immediately informed the stationmaster Liu Xiao of this matter. After listening to this, Liu Xiao did not hesitate, and asked the customer's license plate number, contact number, specific location, oil product variety and quantity in detail. Later, he and Cui Jialing, the squad leader, filled 200 yuan gasoline in oil drums according to the customer's demand, drove about 5 kilometers to the anchored vehicle, and helped the customer to fill the oil tank. At this time, the outdoor temperature exceeded 35 degrees, and Liu Xiao was already sweating after filling the oil for the customer.

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