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Nc750x sitting height (nc750x sitting height)

The higher the consistency of the user portrait of a model, the more accurate the positioning of the car. If the age labels of the user groups of a car are very similar, there must be unique advantages. Honda NC750X DCT is such a car. The author has learned from many sources, including the online car stickers, the data of local car owners and big trade shops. The average age of the owners of Honda NC750X DCT is about 35-40 years old, including novices and experienced riders who have ridden many cars. It is not easy to satisfy their "picky" appetite.

The popularity of HONDA NC750X DCT is not accidental. It can not only enjoy the fun of blocking cars, but also enjoy the easy automatic gear shifting, and pay more attention to the pleasure of driving. It not only has a large storage space in front to facilitate commuting in the city, but also has the comfort of long-distance driving and certain passing capacity. It seems to be very cross-border, but it actually meets the car demand of this user group and becomes an all-round dream cars. What are the advantages of HONDA NC750X DCT?

Yan value may not be the decisive factor for "uncles" to choose NC750X DCT, but it is also a sufficient and unnecessary condition. After all, when people reach middle age, their mentality has also changed, and Honda's mature and steady style in appearance design has become a bright spot in appearance. The same is true of HONDA NC750X DCT. At first glance, the appearance is not eye-catching, but it is very eye-catching, low-key but contains the golden mean. This generation of NC750X DCT body shape is more full and three-dimensional, and the front windshield and fairings on both sides are increased to improve riding comfort and reduce the wind area of the knees.

In addition, the seat height is also a very important parameter for domestic riders when choosing a car. The imported NC750X DCT is LD version, and the whole body is lowered by the shock absorber link, so that the seat height is reduced. Compared with the standard version of 830mm seat height, the seat height setting of LD version of 800mm is more in line with the national conditions.

The biggest advantage of NC750X DCT lies in the three letters after the name: DCT, that is, dual-clutch gearbox technology, which makes the rider's driving easier and more comfortable through automatic control of clutch and shift operation. DCT gearbox adopts two sets of clutches, which are servo-started, 1st, 3rd and 5th gears and 2nd, 4th and 6th gears respectively. There is no feeling of power "off-gear" during the clutch process, and the shift process is very coherent. You can switch between manual mode and automatic D or S mode at any time. The D mode emphasizes fuel economy and tends to shift from low to high gear. If the fuel supply is large, it will feel out of gear. S mode is more suitable for me, the speed of upshifting and downshifting will be higher, at the same time, it supports three-stage adjustment, which is suitable for more intense driving mode, and the overall shifting logic is more accurate than the previous generation.

Although handing it over to the computer is very convenient and worry-free, which greatly liberates the left hand, Honda still retains the dignity of being a human being in front of the machine for the knight, that is, the knight has absolute control. In any mode, the knight can intervene to shift gears through the left-hand shift button. For example, in automatic mode, the current speed is 50/h, and the computer matches the third gear for you, but you can shift gears manually by adding and subtracting. Of course, this operation should be within a reasonable speed range. The addition of the sliding clutch in this generation makes the shift process very smooth and smooth, and there is no sudden feeling, so that shifting can also become a pleasure.

In terms of power, NC750X DCT uses the same 745 ml water-cooled parallel two-cylinder engine as the previous generation. The maximum power of 40.3 kW is generated at 6250 rpm, and the maximum torque of 68 nm can be generated at 4750 rpm. Although the performance can't be said to be very violent, it is enough for this car, and the power output is very linear, and the throttle response is very fast. Before about 150 kilometers per hour, the power can be continuously output, and the tail speed can reach about 170 kilometers per hour. Excellent power output performance and good power reserve also make it a lot of points, and the two-stage adjustable traction control system will always escort you.

Although NC750X DCT is a straddle bike, it has a very rare large storage space. At present, the storage space under the fuel tank of the domestic version is increased to 22L, and the onboard tool kit is placed, which can also accommodate most sizes of full helmets. This storage capacity greatly facilitates the city's practicality and can say goodbye to the heavy suitcase. Through the communication with several car owners, it is found that the huge storage space under the fuel tank is one of the important factors for them to buy NC750X DCT, which is completely sufficient in the city and does not need to install three boxes. At the same time, the installation button is arranged on the storage cover of the fuel tank, which can conveniently install the original fuel tank package and further expand the storage capacity of NC750X DCT.

Comfort adjustment of NC750X DCT in shock absorption is also a plus item. The front 41 mm Showa SDBV inverted front fork has a shock absorption stroke of 153 mm, and both compression and rebound are damped by two valves at the same time, which has different damping performance for high and low speeds. The rear shock absorption is a pro-link single gun with multiple links in the middle, which is soft in overall performance, and can provide a comfortable driving experience in pavement and speed bumps. However, when driving on continuous bumpy roads, this set of shock absorption and rebound damping is slow, and some of them are not qualified. NC750X DCT is like an SUV, which can take you on some unpaved roads, but the home is still on the paved road.

NC750X DCT well embodies Honda's people-oriented concept of making cars, from approachable appearance design and seat height adapted to national conditions, as well as convenient front storage space and quick buckle of fuel tank package, to worry-free and labor-saving discrete cosine transform; Distal convoluted tubule; The dual-clutch automatic transmission automatically shifts gears and retains the manual mode and absolute control. It is built with the knight as the center everywhere. NC750X DCT is a versatile and very easy-to-handle car. You don't need to change anything for it, but every time you step on it, you will sigh from the bottom of your heart: It's really good to ride! This is probably the driving pleasure that Honda's dream wings are persistent in!

Honda NC750X DCT national guide price 121,800

All Honda Dream Wings stores in China sell them.

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