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X5 BMW 2022 is second-hand in price (BMW x5m used car quotation)

Happy New Year, riders. The epic blockbuster is coming. Today, the protagonist of our renovation is a classic luxury car that sold for millions in those years. A 2011 American BMW X5(E70) from Zhejiang boss has driven 300,000 kilometers by himself. At present, the car is in a state of "war damage in Afghanistan". Eldest brother said that this car was used to run construction sites all the year round, but it was not used as a luxury car at all. It took us three months to revive it with blood.

On August 31st, 2022, the owner of the car contacted me and said that a 2009 Teana wanted to get my whole car ready, and then an 11-year-old American BMW X5 also wanted to do it, so we talked about these two cars.

After a week, the owner contacted me again and decided to make X5 first. Because of the mask, he was ready to deliver it. Big brother also expressed the original intention of the whole car: although the car is worthless (the used car is worth about 100 thousand), it has been with me for a long time and has feelings, so I can't bear to change it. The car is old, so I want to find someone I trust to fix it, so I can feel at ease when I use it.

The owner's eldest brother said that the car had been cleaned up by a friend in Wenzhou before, but the result was fooled by the so-called friend. Now the car is in a very difficult condition and can only run short distances occasionally.

After a few days of logistics, the car arrived at the factory. Chuan C, eldest brother's hometown is Sichuan, and he is doing business in Zhejiang. The car was probably looked at, and it felt ok from a distance, but it couldn't stand a closer look.

Then I did a road test, summed up the problems and communicated with the owner, mainly because the chassis was loose and abnormal, and the accessories were aging; The brakes are insensitive and abnormal, the tires are aging, and the patterns are worn out; The engine speed is weak, there is oil leakage, there are several fault codes, and some vulnerable parts need to be replaced; The gearbox problem is a bit serious, with vibration, noise and abnormal sound, which need to be investigated carefully and then the reason is determined; There are also many problems in the appearance of the interior, and finally I will show you ... Let's fix the mechanical problems first.

The owner's eldest brother is also very refreshing, and the communication is complete. I'm ready to order the accessories. We don't have the rule of prepayment, but the eldest brother offered to prepay the accessories for us, so we can do whatever we want, depending on the owner's convenience.

Yes, the front condensation plate and water tank have been removed.

This car is equipped with N55 3.0T engine, and it is lucky not to burn engine oil for 300,000 kilometers. If there is an oil leak, BMW can't escape. This car is just an oil leak in the valve chamber, the cover gasket is aging, and the seal is not working.

Some of the ordered accessories have arrived. After removing the water tank and condenser plate, it is found that there is trachoma leakage and some surrounding water pipes are seriously aging, so we need to update them.

Solve the oil leakage problem and some fault codes, and replace the small accessories such as gasket, vacuum pump check valve and turbocharger solenoid valve.

After dealing with the problem of oil leakage in the valve chamber, remove the intake port and prepare to deal with the problem of carbon deposition.

The valve is blocked by a lot of carbon deposits, and I don't know how long it has been left untreated.

Clean up, restore unobstructed, this is comfortable.

Update the ignition system, replace a set of spark plugs, and do anti-seizure treatment before installation.

Valve chamber, air inlet, spark plug and some wearing parts have been repaired and replaced.

During the maintenance, the two steering wheels of the engine also aged and cracked. Solve the hidden trouble and change them by the way.

Use a torque wrench, mark the standard torque value and install it.

The gasoline float reported a fault, and the old X5 loved this thing. Several old X5 cars were built and this fault code was detected.

It's quite troublesome to change this gadget. You need to remove the rear seat and the gasoline filter.

Under the rear seat, the gasoline floats on both sides of the left and right have been replaced.

Finally, the water tank, condensation plate and surrounding water pipes were all installed, and the coolant began to be added again.

Re-add new engine oil, and choose the model of Germany Woolt 0W-40 engine oil.

Replace the refrigerant again, and the engine part will be done, which is relatively worry-free.

Start to solve the gearbox problem, first remove it, and see what causes the abnormal vibration.

Before we started a close inspection, we found that the rubber gasket of the gearbox was broken.

There is also a serial number. I feel that it has been repaired here. It should be a disassembled part.

Replace the rubber gasket of the gearbox first. The abnormal sound and noise caused by driving speed increase will not be caused by this single reason, so we need to check again. ...

After a series of careful inspections, it was finally determined that the problem was the gearbox coupler.

When the coupler is removed, the noise caused by serious internal bearing wear needs to be replaced.

I won't introduce the process much. Repair the gearbox and change the gearbox filter, and you are ready to reinstall it.

Continue to solve the chassis problem, all the ordered accessories are here, and we need to change a half shaft, which is leaking oil.

The shock absorption system is upgraded with a BILSTEIN shock absorber, and some swing arms, pull rods, ball heads and engine feet are updated synchronously.

Solve the abnormal noise of the shaft head of the brake system, remove the shaft head and derust the flange.

Then replace the new shaft head. ...

Shock absorber is being assembled. ...

All the faulty parts of the chassis have been replaced. ...

Finally, vacuumize and change the brake fluid to avoid air resistance, thus effectively ensuring brake safety.

The hub is worn out and there are many bumps, so we have done renovation and repair; Tire aging, direct replacement.

Assemble the tire and adjust the dynamic balance data.

After adjustment, load the wheel and get on the bus. Perfect new shoes.

Continue to go to the American HUNTER locator and do chassis data adjustment.

In equipment locking, BMW four-wheel alignment must first calculate the height of the car body, and then calculate the chassis data. Because BMW models need to be weighted for positioning, the data range values given are different with different body weights.

One yard is red, the chassis data is chaotic, and there are many deviations in various inclination angles and toe angles.

Come under the chassis and start adjusting the data. ...

After the training, return to the perfect value, this green state is the performance of the car's health.

The problems of engine, gearbox and chassis have been solved, and now the appearance of the interior is coming. The owner's eldest brother is unambiguous and requires us to make it into a brand-new state.

Let's show you the appearance problems. We all marked them.

If you don't use masking paper as a marker, you can't see anything from a distance.

Let's take a closer look. The rearview mirror is rubbing. ...

The rubber strip is aging, and when you touch it with your hand, you will take off a layer of black glue.

It's not the original paint. The paint sprayed before has peeled off.

I scraped the paint off the tail. ...

The position of the wheel eyebrows is slightly rubbed. ...

The gap between the front bumper and the lower lip is a bit awkward. ...

Since Big Brother wants to spray paint, we have to make a good deal and paint it back. If we still want to go to the construction site, we don't need to spray it, because it would be a complete waste of money. Big Brother also said: I won't run to the construction site and will cherish it.

Let's skip the painting process. After painting, we just finished a small step of painting. We came to our beauty workshop and began to do the real painting details.

The wheel eyebrows have been removed for renovation, and the whole appearance needs at least 10 days of post-processing work.

Generally, after painting, this state is very new, but we should strive for perfection.

Measure the paint film thickness of the whole vehicle and prepare for fine polishing.

The paint surface of the whole vehicle shall be treated with sand. ...

It's getting older and older. Let's see how we do magic.

Do a good job of gap protection on the textured paper, and start processing for mirror effect.

Slowly out of effect ...

It's getting smoother and smoother. It will take half a day to build this car door.

The mirror effect came out. It's not too much to say it's a mirror.

It can be seen from the light refraction lines that the orange peel on the paint surface has been particularly flat.

The details are full ...

The rubber strips have been replaced with new ones, and the exterior paint is finished. Let's go to the interior renovation project. ...

Not much nonsense, first a demolition. ...

The trunk is dirty enough, and the carpet of this car is a little wet. I feel like a surprise!

Remove the back row first, and there is a towel hidden in the corner.

Open the front row, the steering wheel has been removed for renovation.

The interior is completely disassembled. ...

Sure enough, there was a surprise ... when removing the front seat, I took out the sponge below and squeezed out the water directly. There was water under the co-pilot, and it was basically judged that the skylight drainage was problematic.

Some large covering parts are mainly clean, and some small plastic parts need to be renovated and repaired.

Small pieces of interior decoration are all put on the workbench for renovation and repair.

The seat owner of this car has been renovated before, and it is not damaged, but the patina is a bit thick, which you may not see.

Let's take a comparison of 5:5 when cleaning. Everyone can see clearly that the left side has not been processed and the right side has been processed.

After cleaning, wrap it all up and don't dust it.

Start cleaning some corners of the interior. ...

The floor has been cleaned up. ...

It's comfortable to look at it this way. It's completely spotless.

A luxury car is a luxury car. Because the chassis structure is different, the structure of the interior floor has become complicated.

The leather of the steering wheel has been refurbished and restored to a new state.

After some big parts are cleaned, they have begun to be reassembled.

Because the glass film of the whole car needs to be replaced, protect it first, and don't get the paint and interior dirty.

Let's see if the trunk is clean. ...

The steering wheel has also begun to be reinstalled. ...

I'll put a black cushion on the trunk. After all, the beige surface where the sundries are put is too dirty.

Handled some scattered widgets. ...

Small cover of main driving accelerator pedal ...

Rear seat belt plug ...

Rear seat buckle ...

It has been working from mid-September to mid-December, and the biggest problem in the end is the leakage of skylight.

Dismantled skylight, looking for problems.

The big roof and skylight are not installed yet, which is a bit like a convertible. ...

We found the problem. The plastic part of the skylight frame and the joint of the iron are glued, so our treatment method can only be glued. There is no other good way. Unless we replace the skylight frame with a brand-new one, it is not acceptable. First, it is expensive. Second, it is definitely out of stock in China. Don't even think about this X5 sunroof, it's all patched-up junk, because the sunroof of this car has common problems, either abnormal sound or water leakage.

We have tried our best to deal with the skylight problem, at least it won't leak. It is normal for an old car to have a little fly in the ointment, and it is difficult to achieve perfection. We continued to refit the interior, and our master was careful. He brought a brand-new white glove for construction, and he was afraid that the interior would get dirty.

Be careful. By the way, replace all the fixing screws of the big top rubber strip with new ones. This thing will also cause water leakage after aging.

The skylight has been reinstalled, tested, and there is no leakage. All the problems of the whole vehicle have been solved here.

Try the highway, and the driving feeling will be in place. The power is speeding up fiercely, and the chassis is extremely comfortable. Originally, this car made various noises, but now it is quiet and a little uncomfortable.

All fault codes have been removed, and the real mileage is 293,171 kilometers. When we repaired this car, we didn't feel very tired. It was really tiring when we wrote this. There were too many projects, and some work was not written. Everyone was probably tired when they saw this. Let's formally appreciate the renovation effect of the whole car:

Deep engine cleaning effect. When this car came, there was no engine cover. I wonder how this thing can be lost.

Changed a lot of aging pipes. ...

The wiper cover is also a brand-new piece, and the rubber strips on it are aging.

Interior appreciation, basically all small details are repaired, and there are not many big moves.

The heavy leather steering wheel feels great.

A set of TPE foot pads is provided, which is easier to take care of.

Some small buttons such as air outlet are repaired and replaced. ...

The interior of the rear door panel has also been repaired. ...

I dare not say that 100% is new, at least 80% or 90%, which is definitely a state worth enjoying.

The mahogany pieces have also been polished to restore smoothness and roundness.

Finally, the appearance of large-scale appreciation, BMW X5 returned to its peak in 2011.

American standard old X5, this straight posture, who can not love?

This look is a bit fierce; It looks a little cute as a whole. ...

Mainly influenced by the classic pig nose grille, it can't be fierce.

Mirror effect ... which side is the real space is a little confusing.

The appearance is basically a new car state ... it can be said that there is no flaw.

Well, this old buddy has been in our factory for three months, and we have made love. Now it's time to go home and meet his master.

That's all for this issue. I'm a monster. See you next time ~

Construction: Monster Team

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