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What does it feel like for four people to play with me alone (what does it feel like for four people to play with me alone)

[Text/Dimensional Xiao Mu]

-a second element with a face value but relying on talent to eat.

I don't know if there are any friends who remember when Tang San and Xiao Wu were formally together. The answer is that when Tang San established the Tang Gate, under the witness of four hall lords and seven eccentrics, Tang San announced his relationship with Xiao Wu for the first time in front of the public, and the two became lovers from brother and sister. In the following animation story, they joined hands to create a lot of love scenes.


Small dance butterfly flapping, Tang Sanren human flesh cushion

The first famous scene belongs to an accident when Tang Sanhe Xiaowu took the Poseidon exam.

At that time, the Seven Monsters had just arrived at Poseidon Island from the land, because Rong Rong and Tang San were respectively awarded the grand sacrifice and Poseidon level assessment, and they became the distinguished guests on Poseidon Island. Douro Haima specially prepared a place for several people to rest and dine.

During this period, Xiaowu kept exploring the room under the influence of rabbit instinct because she lost her soul, but when she was chasing a butterfly, she accidentally jumped on Tang San and threw him to the ground. At this time, Tang San completely turned into a human flesh pad, firmly protecting the little dance on it.

From the purpose, both of them are absolutely very simple and have no evil thoughts. However, from the action point of view, the posture of the two is extremely ambiguous, and people can't help but feel sweet. What kind of fairy scene is this?


Small dance fingers chest, two people eyes wiredrawing.

The second famous scene took place during the second examination of Poseidon

It is said that love can make people stupid, just like Tang Sanhe and Xiaowu. When Poseidon climbed the stairs, Tang San put himself in danger many times to protect Xiao Wu. This practice caused great dissatisfaction of Xiaowu. In order to punish Tang San, Xiaowu even bit Tang San.

However, when Poseidon II played against Xiaobai, Tang San still chose to protect Xiaowu and ignored himself. However, this time Xiaowu didn't teach Tang San a lesson, but just poked his finger at Tang San's chest and told him his worries and surging love in his heart.

This move instantly melted Tang San's heart, and their eyes met at this moment. Among them, the thick love like wiredrawing made people eat a wave of dog food. Needless to say, the little dance seems simple, but it expresses the sweet desire to the extreme, and the scene is too sultry.


Tang Sanxiaowu sat on his legs and slept, and the picture was very bloody.

The above two love scenes are very sweet, but the devil is Tang Sanhe and Xiaowu's sitting on his legs and sleeping.

This plot also took place during Poseidon Island. After learning the identity of Xiaowu's spirit beast, Xiaobai had a late-night discussion with Tang San about reviving Xiaowu. During the period, Xiaowu felt sleepy early because she had no soul support.

In order to let Xiaowu sleep peacefully, Tang San used his body as a soft bed, held Xiaowu in his arms in a cross-legged posture, let him sleep on his lap, and rested his head on his chest.

At this time, from the lens, the two people have been completely attached together, and the picture is not only sweet and off the charts, but also very attractive. I have to say, in the love drama of Tang Sanhe Xiaowu, Xuanji has never let people down, and it can bring people different surprises every time.



The above are several famous love scenes of Tang San and Xiao Wu in animation. Besides, such as the sacrifice for love when Xiao Wu stars in the forest, the proposal of Tang San in the sunset forest under the moon, the kissing under the flowers when Xiao Wu resurrects, etc., these are also very classic and sweet love scenes.

I don't know if you have collected some scenes that you think are very touching during the reading. Welcome to leave a message and share. Well, that's all for this issue. Don't forget to pay attention to Xiao Mu for your favorite friends. See you next time.

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