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Which quality is better, ct250 or rowing boat 250 (the difference between ct250 and rowing boat 250)

It's 30 kilometers one way, and 60 kilometers round trip. It's quite tiring to run like this. Xiao bian's first suggestion is to open a four-wheel drive, at least not afraid of wind and rain, not affected by the hot sun and cold wind! Well, to get to the point, Sanyang Patrol 150 and Guangyang CT250 are not direct competitors of the same level. After all, there is a big gap in positioning, displacement and size.

1. Sanyang Cruise cruisym 150

The single-cylinder water-cooled EFI 149ml engine has a maximum power of 9.2kW, a maximum torque of 12nm, a length of 1990mm, a width of 730mm and a height of 1116mm. Compared with other models of the same class, the cruising 150 is a little larger, but it is still one size smaller than the CT250. Anti-lock braking system with anti-lock braking device is very important! The price is 16,800 yuan.

The weight of the whole vehicle is 138kg, the fuel tank capacity reaches 7.5L, and the cruising range is 200km. So the owner has to go to the gas station once every three days ~

2. Guangyang CT250

The new CT250 and rowing 250 are the same power platform, and the shape has been redesigned. The engine is a single cylinder with two water-cooled valves, with the maximum power of 16/7500 (kW/min) and the maximum torque of 22/6500 (Nm/min), which is more than enough to handle the vehicle weight of 194 kg. Price 2.02

In terms of configuration, there is no ABS, but there is CBS with linked brakes. The other configurations are the mainstream configuration of the same level. The 100 CT 250 adopts a special double fuel tank design, which not only increases the fuel tank capacity, but also makes the front design of the fuel filler very convenient and practical. The 10.2-liter capacity can meet the needs of leisure travel and the cruising range can exceed 300 kilometers.

Xiaobian recommends Guangyang CT250:

1. The power is stronger, and the displacement of CT250 with 100cc still has a strong advantage. And the cost performance is also very high! The fuel tank is bigger and the battery life is longer!

2. Better comfort. The seat cushion of ct250 is wide and large, and the legs will be more comfortable. The riding posture is more stretched.

3. In terms of workmanship quality and reliability, Guangyang is still slightly better, and the technological level of domestic Sanyang motorcycles still needs to be improved.

4. The cost performance is higher! The difference of more than 3,000 yuan can be changed from a small pedal to a middleweight pedal, not only for commuting in the city, but also for an occasional motorcycle trip or something.

Xiaobian is still the same sentence. If the budget is sufficient, choose Guangyang CT250 or directly change to four rounds. It is safer and more comfortable. After all, a one-way commute of 30 kilometers is still quite far!

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