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How much is a new Rolls-Royce (new Rolls-Royce price)

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In the global car world, Rolls-Royce, as the "king of cars", almost represents the highest car-making technology, and the logo of Flying Goddess alone is worth more than 200,000 yuan. Besides the "top class" and "luxury" cars, the customized services provided by them are also well known.

With the increasing demand of customers, in 2017, an exclusive customization department named stern was born, which promoted the customization service to an unprecedented height.

At that time, this department customized a Boat Tail model for each of the top three customers with aesthetic taste in ship design. Because customers like sailing, Rolls-Royce added ship elements to the design, and it was unanimously affirmed by the three owners before production began.

Construction started in 2017, and it was not until 2021 that the first "Blue Floating Shadow" was unveiled. The whole car was handmade and sold for 28 million US dollars. It was the most expensive Rolls-Royce sold at that time. It is said that the owner was Beyonce, the diva of music.

After the first car appeared for half a year, not long ago, on the Este Manor on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy, Rolls-Royce officially released the second floating shadow!

The buyer of this car is a businessman who takes pearls as his family business. He provided four unique pearl and shell materials in his private collection for Rolls-Royce to seek inspiration. Finally, Rolls-Royce craftsmen successfully produced this perfect work mixed with various colors.

Compared with the first blue model, the new color scheme of this floating shadow is refreshing, and Rolls-Royce calls it one of the most complicated customized colors created by the brand.

The car paint is made of customized colors of cognac and oyster. The engine cover is made of large white and bronze mica and a layer of crystal and ice matte transparent coating. The pearlescent finish can show subtle gradient effect under different lighting conditions.

Under the package of such complex craft car paint, the final vehicle can present different textures under different light irradiation, and it looks luxurious and elegant.

The body details are also exquisite and luxurious. The front face continues the similar square appearance of Rolls-Royce Phantom, the straight waterfall net enhances the front face gas field, and the Pantheon grille cooperates with the statue of the goddess of joy and retro split headlights, which looks domineering as a whole and has a turn-back rate of 100%.

The body panel is made of a huge single piece of aluminum, and the side is inspired by rowing boats. The overall outline is round, and the body lines are all polished by hand, realizing the three-dimensional and smooth lines that the machine can't polish. The straight waistline runs through the car body, which enhances its exquisiteness again.

At the A-pillar and door handle, the new car is chrome-plated, which reflects the low-key character of the owner. The addition of the soft-top convertible adds retro elements to it, so that the personality can be brought to the extreme!

Looking down, the sidewall of the 21-inch retro tire has white decoration, which looks full of exquisiteness. Here, a special technology is used to plate rose gold, which has never been used in production models before. This little detail adds a lot of color to the whole car.

These details, from head to toe, well reflect the luxury of the floating shadow. At first glance, the momentum must be in place. However, the highlight of this car does not stop there.

As I said at the beginning, the customers of this floating shadow are yacht lovers.

In order to satisfy Party A's father to the greatest extent, the rear of this Rolls-Royce Floating Shadow adopts a large area of Caleidolengo wood grain decorative panel, and in order to enhance the visual effect, it is also inlaid with stainless steel drawn thin strips and concave lines, which makes the car really look like a yacht deck when the canopy is closed.

Another mystery here is that the wood grain decorative panel supports spreading-wing opening, which is like butterfly wings after one-click opening, and it is very mobile and beautiful. It is said that this complicated opening mode was inspired by the cantilever concept of architect Santiago Calatrava.

After the wood grain decorative panel is completely unfolded, it is equipped with a multi-functional toolbox, including ceramic dinner plates, Christofle silver tableware, double champagne freezer, Promemoria folding chair, solid wood dining table and fully automatic sun umbrella for customers to use. Its built-in champagne freezer can ensure that champagne can be quickly frozen to 6 degrees.

Seeing these exquisite tableware, Ji Guojun has a picture in his mind: in a leisurely afternoon, first make a carefully prepared cocktail, and then enjoy a delicious meal with Christofle silver tableware, which is not to mention beautiful.

Surprisingly, in addition to the sunshade hidden in the crack of the door, it is also equipped with two fishing folding chairs, so ... is this for the rich to drive it to go fishing?

I have to say that in terms of sense of ceremony, Rolls-Royce is also very unique.

Of course, the wonderful design of Rolls-Royce is also indispensable in the car.

The interior continues the unique design of the appearance, and the overall design is simple and very advanced, with leather in cognac and oyster colors, as well as rose gold and mother-of-pearl as decorations. Basically, it is equipped with advanced materials that people can think of, and the sense of luxury is overwhelming.

The clock in the center of the instrument panel is made of mother-of-pearl, which is selected by customers from their private collections. It is low-key and luxurious, and can enjoy different brilliance from different angles. The control switch and instrument panel are made of the same precious material, which shows the distinguished status of the car and the owner.

The central passage between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat is decorated with royal walnut, with rose gold pinstripes like the rear deck, which further enhances the overall texture of the car. According to Rolls-Royce, the selected walnut color will mature over time and gradually turn into cognac color similar to the hood.

Thanks to the super-long body of nearly 5.9 meters, the new car adopts a four-seat layout design, and the driving space is very spacious. As for entertainment, the car is equipped with a Bespoke custom sound system with 15 speakers.

As a customized model, it can also drive normally on the road. At the beginning of design and research and development, it has undergone the same rigorous tests. The power is driven by a 6.75-liter V12 engine and connected to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It speeds up from a standstill to 62 mph for about 5 seconds, and the top speed can reach 155 mph.

It can be opened, but as a highly customized handmade work, Rolls-Royce Floating Shadow is more like a unique work of art, destined to be one of the collections of the rich. Besides, its price has reached $28 million, which is definitely the first time for such an expensive car. It's sad to be rubbed when driving on the road. ...

After enjoying such a car, Ji Guojun just wants to sigh: "It's good to have money."

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